Key West Sunrise by John Visser
Giving away two sets of 50 business cards from @moo on the blog! Head over to www.joyfelicityjane.com to enter the giveaway 🐮💼 Good luck! #giveaway #lblogger #business
A simple breakfast made of gluten free buttered toast (from the market, I’m hooked) smoked salmon, a squeeze of lemon & a sprinkle of pepper - with a side of avocado & green tea 💛 #breakfast #healthy #morning
Posted a few of my favourite addresses around Sydney (mainly for shopping & a little eating) 👠👓🍰 #sydney #shopping #shops (thanks @amyqseo for being my fabulous guide) www.joyfelicityjane.com (at Pretty Dog)
Letting my inner 70’s bohemian out today, because the sun’s shining & she’s been begging to strip off the knits and go out exploring ✌️🌼 #ootd #bohemian

Rebecca Gallop